Rangers’ Mats Zuccarello helps fan get prom date


Prom proposal season is in full effect and on Monday night, Rangers forward Mats Zuccarello got in on the action.

While Zuccarello took to the ice trying to help the Rangers win against the Blue Jackets (and he did), he was actually tasked with helping one of his many fans get a prom date.

Vinny Mutone, a senior at Connetquot High School, held up a sign during warmups that read, “Zucc! If you give me your stick she’ll go to prom with me!!!” The ‘”she” in question being his  girlfriend, Catherine De Pinho.

After Zuccarello saw the sign coming off the ice from practice he picked up a stick and sent it their way. And after the game, he even signed both the poster and the stick for the two fans.