Rajon Rondo receives odd back-to-back delay of game fouls

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In one of the stranger sequences you’ll ever see in an NBA game, Rajon Rondo earned back-to-back delay of game fouls just before halftime of the Kings game against the Thunder.

It appeared as though Rondo was waiting for the Kings to set up their inbounds play and simply failed to take the ball from the official, but the referee wasn’t having any of Rondo’s antics.

After Kevin Durant made the subsequent free throw, Rondo was ready to inbound the ball, but failed to grab the rock from the official again and received another delay of game foul. Durant sank the free throw to give the Thunder a 61-53 lead heading into halftime.

Rondo complained to the official afterwards, but DeMarcus Cousins swooped in and saved him from receiving a technical foul.

Just another day in Sacramento.