High school team thinks it’s won state title, then loses it


The highs of winning and the lows of losing.

There’s nothing better than the former and nothing worse than the latter.

One high school team experienced both in a matter of minutes.

Burrillville thought they ended its season on the highest of high notes by winning the basketball state title in Rhode Island over Chariho.

Time had almost run out when a Burrillville player chucked the ball up in the air in hopes of allowing the clock to run out. Brilliantly, a Chariho player got the ball and immediately called timeout.

Burrillville heard the buzzer and proceeded to go nuts, thinking they won it all.

But the refs ripped Burrillville’s heart out by adding more time to the clock (which was legitimate).

And that’s when Chariho called up the perfect play, executed the perfect pass and scored the game-winning shot to shock everyone.

It’s hard not to feel for Burrillville after what happened. But that execution from Chariho after the timeout was sensational.

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