Dirt collectors rejoice as grounds from MLB parks put up for auction

Getty Images

Sports fans collect a lot of weird stuff sometimes.

Ice from hockey rinks of Stanley Cup champions has been purchased. Chairs from old stadiums are popular now too.

But for those baseball nuts out there that really want a piece of the field from a big game, have no fear.

You can now buy some dirt.

Yes. Real dirt.

MLB is putting up for auction dirt and other game used items from World Series games, All-Star games and more on their website.

How much does this dirt cost? So far just a simple $25 from your bank account.

Some of the other odd items available include balls from the Home Run Derby (none of the home runs, of course) and bases from games.

Most things are still available online except for World Series dirt from Fenway Park in 2013. Red Sox fans apparently got the memo and pounced quickly.

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