Is Steph Curry the new Tecmo Bo Jackson?


Steph Curry has become so good that saying he’s playing at a “video-game level” is an insult.

It’s gotten to the point where some of the most realistic video games can’t even keep up with Curry’s dominance.

NBA 2K16 gameplay director Mike Wang told Forbes recently that the video game is finding it extremely difficult to match Curry’s style of play and how good he is in real life with his player skills in the video game.

But can he reach Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl level?

Jackson’s player in the game was truly remarkable because he was so much better than everyone else. By a long shot.

He toyed with defenders, making them chase him from one end zone to the other (literally).

It’s hard to say Curry is at that level yet in video games just because NBA 2K16 can’t make his player as good as he is in person. Until NBA2K makes Curry as unstoppable as Jackson is in Tecmo Bowl, Bo still holds the title.

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