Worst dunks in NBA Slam Dunk Contest history…or best?

Getty Images

From bent-legged cartwheels, bad bounces, short leaps and basketballs ricocheting off the rim, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest isn’t just about poster-worthy dunks, it’s about the failures that will forever be immortalized by YouTube.

Some believe Vince Carter’s 2000 showcase featuring the windmill and between-the-leg saved the Slam Dunk Contest, but without it we’d miss priceless moments like contestants trucking teammates en route to the rim, or in Paulius Parachomikas’ case, a poor, unsuspecting cheerleader. And sure, Michael Jordan seemingly learned to fly in 1988, but it takes real effort to hit your face on the backboard and not die in shame.

Just ask Andre Iguodala.

A good dunk can cause the arena to erupt, but so can an epic failure. At the end of the day it’s all about the effort you put into it, we’re looking at you Chris Andersen.