MUST SEE: Rookie Dylan Larkin gets ‘hot and spicy’ in friend’s basement


Red Wings rookie sensation Dylan Larkin definitely made a name for himself this season, but the only name that really matters is “D-Boss.”

That’s right. A video surfaced of a 16-year-old Larkin calling himself “D-Boss.” And it gets better.

Not only does an overly-enthusiastic Larkin tote an American flag as a cloak throughout the video, but right before he and his friend start shooting their pucks, they bring it in for a “1-2-3-, let’s have fun” cheer.

Though the highlight of this video has got to be at the 1:24 mark when Larkin casually stares into the camera gives us a smirk and says “Hey boys, it’s about to get hot and spicy.”

A sensation indeed. It’s no wonder he’s a Detroit favorite. Now the only question remaining is: can we get “D-Boss” on a jersey or what?