Warriors warring over PB and Js


While many disagree about the true staple food of American culture, none come close to the simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich – that is, if you ask the Warriors.

Yes, it’s true. The defending NBA Champions has nothing but praise for the gooey snack.  While general manager Bob Myers claims it’s his desert-island meal and assistant coach Luke Walton always carries several sandwiches at once, PB&Js are something not to be messed with, possibly even sacred.

So when a ban on all things sweet went into effect this season to help the Warriors defend their title, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t the lack of candies or cookies getting the players riled up – but of course, the prohibition on PB&Js.

It was practically a declaration of war. No more Skippy extra-crunchy peanut butter? No more Smuckers strawberry jam?

“We had to get those back,” guard Shaun Livingston told the Wall Street Journal.

And so the battle began, starting with Walton, who bothered everyone and anyone that would listen. “I stuck to my guns,” Walton said, “I kept complaining.”

Eventually, victory came yet again for the Warriors – this time it only took a month.

“Somebody made a call,” Livingston said. “Probably Steph (Curry).”

A true MVP indeed.