Martellus Bennett’s daughter has a very important Super Bowl press conference update

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Kids say the darndest things. Especially in Super Bowl press conferences.

Austyn Jett (A.J.) Rose Bennett joined her dad, New England Patriot Martellus Bennett, at his press conference to deliver a very important update.

The family dog, Wendy, was bad.

Apparently, Wendy peed inside the house recently and the two (almost three)-year-old wanted to make sure that the rest of the world knew what happened with their poodle.

Just so you can full appreciate the adorableness, here’s a photo of Wendy:

My family got their @footballmarty88 gear, did yours? Link in my bio #FootballMarty

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We can all appreciate the fact that A.J. just kept things real during a Super Bowl celebration by just chatting with her dad about her dog.

Most people are probably writing that Riley Curry should be on high alert after A.J.’s perfect press conference performance, but I don’t think she should.

She should welcome it.

They should be friends-the two can share tips on which camera to look at or how to time the perfect response to their dad and form a cool club.

Vince Young wants to play again, hires agent Leigh Steinberg

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Vince Young is hoping his football career isn’t over.

Young has hired agent Leigh Steinberg, who announced on Twitter today that Young has a “dream of playing more football.”

That Steinberg used the word “dream” suggests that he and Young realize it will be an uphill battle to get back to the NFL. Young hasn’t played in a regular season game since 2011, when he threw four touchdown passes and nine interceptions for the Eagles. He has spent time with the Bills, Packers and Browns since then but never made it past the preseason.

The fledgling Spring League has already said it would be interested in Young, so he’s got someone interested in him. But the Spring League is a long, long way from the NFL. It’s highly likely that Young has played his last NFL game, even if, at age 33, he’s not quite ready to say definitively that he’s done.

Report: NFL invited Chad Kelly to Combine, then rescinded invitation

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Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly was not invited to the Scouting Combine. Or perhaps he was invited, only to later learn it was a non-vite or an un-vitation.

According to Bill Polian of ESPN, Kelly initially was invited to the Combine, only to have that invitation rescinded by the league office. Polian, who signed Chad’s uncle Jim Kelly in 1986 and has been close to Kelly’s family for decades, indicated that the family isn’t sure why the invitation was rescinded.

It’s obvious why Kelly won’t be at the Combine: The NFL implemented a new rule this year that players who have been convicted of violent crimes won’t be permitted, and Kelly pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct two years ago as part of a case in which he was initially accused of punching two people, threatening to shoot up a bar with an AK-47 and resisting arrest.

What’s unclear is why the league would initially invite Kelly, only to rescind that invitation later. It may be that this new policy hasn’t been thoroughly considered, and the league is still deciding which types of offenses merit exclusion from the Combine. A disorderly conduct plea might not necessarily keep a player from the Combine, but when that plea stemmed from an incident in which the player was initially accused of violence and serious threats, the NFL steers clear.