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Redskins’ Bashaud Breeland brought puppies to training camp and they’re precious

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Washington Redskins cornerback Bashaud Breeland showed a few budding NFL prospects around at training camp on Tuesday. Scouts claim that they have unmatched athleticism and speed, but they’re still working on the whole catching-with-their-hands thing.

Ok, fine. They’re puppies, not prospects.

@bree2land6 bringing just the essentials with him for #SkinsCamp.

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These tiny footballs on legs are the offspring of his bulldog, which he referred to as his “new hitta” on Instagram early last year.

My new hitta #sheonfleek

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His puppies are pretty much the cutest little squishy blobs on the planet. Any one of them could give Uga, the Georgia Bulldogs’ mascot, a good run for his money as reigning most adorable football dog.

Just like brothas

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Here are some recommendations for names if Breeland is still on the hunt:

  1. DeBarko Murray
  2. Russell Terrier Wilson
  3. Charles Woofson
  4. Terrell Puggs
  5. Julio Bones
  6. Fetcher Cox
  7. Carson Palmeranian
  8. Sterling German Shepard

The bottom line is this: if Washington goes through with a team rename sometime in the future, they can enlist these pups as mascots.


O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing draws ‘hundreds of letters’ regarding case

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O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing in Nevada on Thursday drew nationwide attention, and the Board of Parole Commissioners demonstrated that by showing the “hundreds of letters of support and opposition” for Simpson.

The commissioner noted that a majority of the opposition letters asked the board to consider Simpson’s 1995 acquittal in the murder case of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman and the subsequent civil case that ordered Simpson to pay $25 million to the victims’ families. But the letters were not considered in the case, in which the board paroled the former football star after he was sentenced to nine years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping in 2007 when he attempted to retrieve memorabilia that he claimed belonged to him.

The commissioner displayed what appeared to be five stacks of letters and said that the board “always encourages public opinion.” The parole hearing received widespread public attention, broadcast live nationally and drawing hundreds of reporters.

Simpson could be released as early as October.

Parole commissioner makes awkward-yet-hilarious slip up in O.J. Simpson’s hearing

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O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing Thursday captured moments of remorse and regret from the former Heisman running back but also a moment that was awkward, embarrassing and, frankly, comedic.

When the chairman of the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners, Connie Bisbee, was verifying Simpson’s information, she made an unfortunate slip.

“We have that you are currently — well very recently you turned 90 years old,” Bisbee said to Simpson. After she realized she added a full 20 years to the 70-year-old Simpson’s actual age, Bisbee quickly apologized and corrected herself.

Laughing, Simpson responded “I feel like it, though.” The courtroom burst out laughing in a short moment of comedic relief.

It was announced shortly after the hearing that Simpson’s parole had been granted. Simpson is on track to be a freed man this year.